Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Luke's On His Way

Zoey here—I’m really nervous, tonight I meet Trekker’s boy. He’s flying in for Thanksgiving and Trekker can’t wait. Trekker tells me the first thing he does is shower Luke with kisses and sits on his lap so he can reach his boy’s face better. Trekker also told me that it is his job to follow Luke all around the house and love him up every time he sits down. Trekker even says he that he sleeps with his boy when he is home. That Luke must be really special because Trekker guards Mom’s head while she sleeps every night. He’ll have to leave guarding Mom to me while he’s busy with Luke. I am up to the task. While I have the chance I’m going to try and sleep up by her head where Trekker won’t let me go.

What’s really got me worried though is whether Luke will like me. I know that I am not Shiloh, the dog he grew up with, but I’ve been trying really hard to make the family love me. I’ve been really good and I snuggle up to Mom or Grandma every chance I get. I guard the yard from quail and rabbit. I heard Grandma say that I am a real sweetie so I know that I have her heart, but can I win Luke over this weekend. I’ll sure try. I’ve got to go and make more plans because the plane is in the air and he’ll be here soon!

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