Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corgis Don't Forget

Most of the house projects are done, I'm feeling healthier than I have in months, and the mornings are cooler. All this adds up to-- I need to start working Trekker again. For the past week Trekker an I have been out, working through our paces. We run through all the basics, including meets and greets and staying while a rabbit goes by. Trekker is a master. After a year and a half of living here and not doing much obedience work I expected a rusty corgi and what I got was a corgi who remembered everything he had been taught. He learned by the third day that running shoes mean we're heading out, otherwise mom lives in sandals.

Both of us miss the camaraderie of working along side other dogs and owners. I thought when we were ready for another class there would be lots of classes around us to choose from. Wrong! We live on the wrong side of the city. But travel if must, Trekker and I will be in the class starting in the end of September. It's part obedience and beginning agility. I know Trekker is ready, but I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up too.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life is Good

Summer in Arizona is hard and for the hearty, and I have not been feeling so hearty. When the heat soars to 115 in the day and only cools to the mid 90s in the day everything is affected. The fruit trees leaves are yellow and sad, I’m told it is sunburn and won’t hurt the tree. The palm has fronds that have browned beyond repair; I’m told that happens to protect the rest of the fronds from heat reflected off the rock landscape. The rabbits have been eating the lower leaves of the grapefruit tree just to get some water. Everything I have potted and diligently watered through the summer has died. The dogs and I have been lethargic and even a little depressed. For them going outside to relieve themselves has been a chore. Nothing has escaped the Arizona heat. If it were like this year around only a fool would live here. But at the moment of feeling the most despondent cool air has begun to arrive!

The nights are beginning to cool, which means the dogs and I can be out on the patio in the morning. It is wonderful! I do my best reading and relaxing there. Trekker is in heaven. He had forgotten there is a world of rabbits, quail and even the occasional lizard to chase and harass. Shiloh hobbles to the large pillow placed out there for yet another nap in his old state. As he lies down even a sigh can be heard from him, the cool weather is coming back and life is beginning to be good again. Trekker and I took our first evening walk in ages. We both felt good and alive again. In this new awakening I have gotten the urge to blog again so my theme for today is good and needs to be rejoiced.