Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heart Pounding Experience

A few minute dog emergency and my heart is still pounding and my hands shaking two hours later. Thankfully both dogs are safe but for a few minutes I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. Oh my babies... I was reading and Trekker and Shiloh were wrestling, all quite normal. Then the tone changed. It took me a few seconds to figure out what had happening. Trekker's rolled leather collar had caught on Shiloh's teeth and wrapped on his lower jaw. The more they panicked and struggled the tighter the collar was getting until it bagan to cut off Trekker's air. I tried to untangle them all the while yelling for my husbands help. No luck. I tried unbuckle the collar. No luck it was too tight. It quickly became clear that if I couldn't unbuckle it I couldn't cut it off either. It was only with one of us holding Shiloh down and Trekker up that we could work them free. This was no easy feat with both dogs in a scared frenzy. Trekker was left wheezing and Shiloh rubbing his jaw on the carpet. After checking them over carefully there appears to be no real damge. Trekker's collar is now setting on the table and tomorrow he will have one that is safer for dog play. I thank my lucky stars that Rich was home and still shake at what could have happened.

Help Needed

Trekker and I need help. In the past few weeks Trekker seems to have come into his own and is doing great in weekly class. It was suggested today by our dog obedience instructor that we should try a rally novice competition. I've been searching the Internet and can't find exactly what we need to know, any suggestions on where to look? Thanks.