Monday, July 6, 2009

On the Mend

We checked in with our own doctor today. Trek will be on antibiotics for a week and will tire faster but is definitely on the mend. He agreed with my diagnosis of Trekker eating the wrong thing and not any of the scare pieces the emergency vet was throwing out. When I told him about the anti-corgi comment he was amazed that another vet would say something like that about a whole breed.
During your shows have you run into breeders in Arizona that you respected?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to not spend the 4th of July!

My July 4th morning started early, about 2 am with Trekker throwing up all over our bed. At first I figured that he had just eaten the wrong thing in our day of yard work, I got him outside and the bed cleaned up. The throwing up continued. When everyone else's morning rolled around I tried to get our vet on the phone, no such luck. Dah, it's the 4th of July.
Off to the emergency clinic we go and wait and wait and wait. After two hours of waiting and being told it may be another 2 hours I decide to take him home. He hadn't thrown up in that amount of time and was taking water. His temp normal. Later he begins throwing up again and is now refusing water. He is one sick puppy. Back to the emergency room. This time it's less than an hour's wait. Of course they run tests and everything comes back right around the normal range, but he has become dehydrated. They give him fluids and a shot to keep from throwing up any more and we head for home. By this time it's 8 pm and I'm much poorer.
By morning he was taking water and interested in the world around him. As the day progressed Trekker is feeling better. He's run to investigate and is now eating small quantities of rice mixed with a little tuna. Tomorrow we'll visit our vet to make sure we're really mending. My best guess is that Trek got into weeds that Rich sprayed.
The vet at the emergency room I'm not too fond of. He tells me that he's not to fond of corgis because they are bad tempered. Mine is the first that isn't and he's a keeper. My thought--if Trekker hadn't been feeling so bad maybe he wouldn't have liked him either. Dogs usually are on the mark for their likes and dislikes. The vet is just not a keeper.