Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coyote Fear

We've made it to Arizona and have been here for a week. The house closed prior to getting arriving and we had a fence put in so the dogs could run their new home. Very proactive of us until we found out about coyotes. Oh the horror stories told about how you have to watch your dogs every second or otherwise a coyote will attack them. We're told not to walk them after dark or a dusk. I don't know what is true and what is urban legend, but I'm on alert! The fenced backyard is only used only during daylight hours and I'm ever on watch duty. We have a regular coyote who walks by at about 8:30 in the morning so we never go out at that time. Dark and dusk, we use the front courtyard that has 9 foot walls. Those coyotes are not going to get my dogs! Anybody know the truth?

On a lighter note, Shiloh just is unsure of this desert landscape. We have no grass so the business has to be done on the rocks. Each time he looks at me like, "Are you really sure you want me to go? This just doesn't seem right." Trekker, on the other hand, feels that when the feeling comes who cares where.