Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Passing of the Torch

If you’d ask me I would say that Zoey, our new addition, and Shiloh are nothing alike. From their size to their temperaments they would be measured as opposites.  But as I sat outside this afternoon, I watched Zoey guard the fence line from rabbits with zeal and thought Zoey is so much like Shiloh. No rabbit or squirrel was safe from Shiloh’s watchful eye. As soon as we would go outside Shiloh would take inventory of our yard and run any wayward rabbit or squirrel from it. Then he’d continue to guard its perimeter until it was time to go in. Shiloh was never able to pass the torch to Trekker. Trekker’s interest in the joys of a good chase was always fickled. He was and is a fare weather chaser. For over a year Shiloh had grown too feeble to chase the invaders out and without a good predecessor the rabbits had the advantage. Then in marched little Miss Zoey. Once she decided that this was going to be her forever home she felt that all invaders must be pursued. She darts out the door and races for the fence line. Zoey quickly takes stock and more often than not a hot chase is on. She will not rest until the yard is free of any trespasser. But Zoey has taken the job a bit further. She feels that a rabbit should not be allowed in seeing distance of her yard. She will continue to run and jump until the rabbit just gives up and goes away. Maybe Shiloh is looking down with just a little smirk and thinking, “Way to go Zoey!”

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Luke said...

I think he certainly is!