Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work Begins As Move Is Made

Downsizing to half our material possessions, selling a house, finding a rental and moving has certainly taken its toll on training for our therapy dog certification. The move to the rental took place a week ago and as we wait for the job transfer to Arizona Trekker and I started back to training this morning. I am thrilled with his memory. His heal was right on the mark and he had great turns. On the other hand, his stays were short and he would prefer not to down. With the test the 21st of July I won’t be able to slack off anymore.
Back to the move…Every rental house that I saw as a possibility said no dogs. Being the brazen person that I am I called and said let me tell you why you’d like me and my dogs as a renters.
1. My house sold in 22 days with 2 dogs present…
2. The older dog has his canine good citizen and therapy dog certifications.
3. The younger dog is being trained and should have them before summer is out.
Each owner agreed that if we’d like to rent they would be happy for “all of us” to be there. We picked a house close by, but half the size of ours. It has a large fenced yard for the dogs. They were the ones we worried most about in this transition. Once the furniture arrived with their scent they were content. Where we are is home to them. Trekker quickly discovered that the chair in the front room has a perfect street view and the arm has become his perch to world. With Shiloh’s age it’s getting harder for him to climb up on furniture so he’s content to lie on the floor. When Trekker sounds the alarm he stands, looks out, and adds to the ruckus. Both seem to be well adjusted. I’m working on the fact that I don’t need to know about every person and car moving about outside. Me, I’m not sure that I’m cut out for renting and am counting my time. My hope is to move again by Christmas and not have to deal with icy roads.