Saturday, October 29, 2011

Taking Care of Everyone's Needs

As a teacher I have always known what is good for one student is not always good for another. To be the best educator I can be I need look at the needs of individual students as well as my class. So it is, as well as, with having dogs. Trekker has grown up as part of a canine-people pac, there has never been a time that he was a lone dog. I have known that since Trekker was young that he would need to be part of a dog and people family. He loves me, but Shiloh was his best friend and buddy. When the vet gave the announcement that Shiloh had probably no more than three months left, I knew that I had to do something to help both my babies. For Shiloh I had to make his last days the best I could and for Trekker it meant finding a new sibling.

The first of September I saw Darci's breeder ad. She was looking for a family home for a fifteen month little girl, Zoey. Zoey had been intended for the show ring, but she her nose was to long and she was too "lighter of bone" to be a good show dog. Hence her need for a forever home. Darci had had several people inquire and had turned down three perspective owners. We both felt that Zoey would make a perfect sister for Trekker. I explained my situation about Shiloh and told Darci that as long as Shiloh was living I would not bring home a new dog, no matter how perfect. Because the two corgis seemed to a perfect match and Darci agreed to keep Zoey until we were ready to bring her home.

When I knew that I didn't have to worry about Trekker's needs, my attention went to making Shiloh's last days the best they could be. He could no longer take walks, but Shiloh loved riding on the golf cart. Every night after dinner I took him out for his ride so that he could savor the neighborhood smells. He got treats that Trekker didn't (to fattening for Trekker.) And when Shiloh's appetite was leaving him, I treated his food with broth. On the days Shiloh could crawled up into Rich's beloved recliner, Rich gave it to him and sat on the sofa. He'd say that he didn't want to disturb Shiloh. We hope Shiloh knew how much he was loved.

Now the focus must return to Trekker. He walks the house and the yard looking for Shiloh. He wants to sleep more than play. I went and bought him new toys and they lay unused on the floor. It is evident that Trekker is mourning as much as we are. Next week I will deliver Trekker to Grandma's house before work and pick him up after, this will keep him from being home alone. Then next Friday I will pick up Zoey. Zoey will never replace Shiloh, but she will find her own nitch in each of our hearts.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank You

My best friend and loyal companion was called to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. It is amazing that one dog could touch so many hearts, but Shiloh did. He was loved by many. Thank you Shiloh for giving me fourteen years of love and devotion. I love you and will miss you terribly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Trekker is a cave man. He likes to lay under furniture or in the corners of rooms where his back is protected. His favorite cave is under the desk. As we do paperwork, Trek loves to burrow down.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Visitors Must Use Manners

The weather in the mornings are now cool and enjoyable. The dogs and I take every opportunity to be outside taking in the cool breezes and passing wildlife. An occassional coyote will amble by, the hummingbirds have returned and flutter quite close, but my favorite is the quail. I love everything about them: their strut; their calls; and most of all how they act as a family unit. The quail seem to have a regular route around the neighborhood. They visit our yard about 6:30 every morning. I throw seed into the rocks to encourage these regular visits. On a normal day we have about 1o quail visitors. This morning the quail announcement seemed to go out that there was ample food and the quail swarmed in. Within minutes we had over 30 pecking through the yard. All the while, Trekker lay on his pillow watching the amazing sight. Soon the quail began to quarrel over who got what section of the yard. This seemed to annoy Trek. He would leap off the pillow and run through the middle of the eating, quarrelling quail and send them running out of our yard. Then he'd make a couple laps through the perimeter of our yard to make sure all the quail were gone. When satisfied his job was done he'd return to his pillow. The food was too much to resist and the quail would gingerly return. Trekker would watch patiently from his pillow until another argument would pursue and then he'd leap off the pillow to clear our yard again of quarrelling quail. This happened over a half a dozen times. It was quite a sight to watch. I believe the moral of this story is, visitors are welcome, but we'll send you packing if you aren't pleasant!