Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Luke's On His Way

Zoey here—I’m really nervous, tonight I meet Trekker’s boy. He’s flying in for Thanksgiving and Trekker can’t wait. Trekker tells me the first thing he does is shower Luke with kisses and sits on his lap so he can reach his boy’s face better. Trekker also told me that it is his job to follow Luke all around the house and love him up every time he sits down. Trekker even says he that he sleeps with his boy when he is home. That Luke must be really special because Trekker guards Mom’s head while she sleeps every night. He’ll have to leave guarding Mom to me while he’s busy with Luke. I am up to the task. While I have the chance I’m going to try and sleep up by her head where Trekker won’t let me go.

What’s really got me worried though is whether Luke will like me. I know that I am not Shiloh, the dog he grew up with, but I’ve been trying really hard to make the family love me. I’ve been really good and I snuggle up to Mom or Grandma every chance I get. I guard the yard from quail and rabbit. I heard Grandma say that I am a real sweetie so I know that I have her heart, but can I win Luke over this weekend. I’ll sure try. I’ve got to go and make more plans because the plane is in the air and he’ll be here soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Team in the Making

Grandma says they march along like little soldiers, but I compare them more to a team of horses. No matter what you compare them to, they love their walks and are always ready to go!

Monday, November 14, 2011

They are Corgi

The three years Shiloh and Trekker were together I was amazed at the differences between them. Their characteristics were unique, in no way did they look at the world the same. Now with having two dogs of the same breed I am amazed with the similarities. When stalking a quail they both lift their front paw in anticipation. They caulk their head when listening to me in the same way. After play they stretch out with one foot behind them. They even patrol the yard for wildlife with the same methodical way. But the most fun to watch is the intense laps around the house. Zoey is by far the fastest on the straight away, but Trekker has a quicker, sharper turn. Then the play becomes a close wrestling match. Groundhog, the stuff toy, is the prize. They are corgi and boy are they fun!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You'd Think We Lived in the Middle of Nowhere

What a pain!!! I want to get Zoey in an obedience class and can't find any on our side of town other than Petsmart. The closest class appears to be a 30 to 40 minute drive. There seem to be plenty of trainers that come to your home, but I want a class that has other dogs and owners as detractors. I have started with sits and downs on my own. Once we have those I'll go to stay. The question is, how important is heel? Zoey does a nice loose leash walk but has no clue what heel means. I'm just not sure until I know where I want to go with her that I need a strong heel. I sure wish that I kept the weekly lists for training from other classes that way I'd have a better than my own pacing guide. On a positive note, she is a willing and quick learner. I think she'd make a better therapy dog than Trekker. She wants to please.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Becoming Buds

The floors will never look the same.
By Sunday night Trekker wanted Zoey to pack her bags and leave. She was fun for a little romp and snuggle, but enough is enough. Trekker did not like sharing his people and wanted her out of his house. By Monday morning I began searching the internet for articles on getting two adult dogs to bond. (Not much there.) I called Cindy back in Iowa, but got no answer so I just winged it. Then this morning they decided they could share my lap and were buds. I guess Trekker decided Zoey wasn't going any place and it was nicer to just get along. As I write this the two are guarding the yard from rabbit invaders. So far three have been run off and they are looking for more. I think I can breathe a sigh of relief and just relax in a two corgi home.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Zoey feels that the lemon tree is shedding lemons just for her. 
First she collects them, then she rolls them around the patio.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zoey Has Arrived

From strangers
Zoey is now part of the family. I picked up her up about 5:15 Friday night. Zoey decided the front seat suited her just fine for the ride home. I didn't know I could drive an hour and a half of freeway traffic one handed, but I can. I stroked and talked to her the whole way. If I stopped stroking she nudged for more. I can also say she does not care for the GPS voice and the car calling unit. I think that long ride helped the bonding process.

When we got home Rich and I introduced Trekker and Zoey in the neighbor's driveway. I then took both for a walk. When we got home we went into the backyard and hung out. All Trekker wanted to do is sniff Zoey. Neither dog showed any aggression. Zoey would explore part of the yard and then run back to me. Maybe it was all that petting and talking on the ride home seemed to anchor her to me. I sat down on the dog pillow so I was accessible to both dogs. Finally, Trekker enticed her to a little play.

Trekker is not used to heavy play and can't keep up with Zoey, but he has learned from the best. Trekker used to run lap after lap and then run to close to Shiloh. Bam! Shiloh would have him. Trekker found that same works for Zoey.
To pillow snugglers

My only problem is that we have had two accidents. We will have just been outside and Zoey waits until she comes in. Now all of our doors are closed and have moved furniture to limit her access to other rooms until she is over this. I guess everything can not be a perfect transition.