Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Written Word Lives On

Last Christmas Luke turned my blog into a hard cover book. It was a wonderful gift at the time, but a soul saver when Shiloh passed away. The day I had to put Shiloh down I sat and reread it's entries, looked at the pictures, and cried. Nothing helped me heal more than that book. I could remember Shiloh in his prime--chasing squirrels, antagonising Trekker, and being my bestfriend. I had forgotten so many of the dog antics that were included in the blog. My memories now focus on the outstanding dog Shiloh was not the dog who struggled to get up in the end. This has caused me to begin writing in the blog again regularly. My memory may be faulty, but the writen word and pictures live on.

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Luke said...

Love you Mom! Shiloh will always be in our hearts.